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Internet Marketplaces: The Law of Auctions and Exchanges Online (w. Prof. Christina Ramberg, Oxford University Press 2002)

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Book chapters

The UNCITRAL Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts (commentary on Articles 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 of the Convention, edited by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kilian and Prof. Amelia Boss) (Kluwer 2008)

Concise European IT Law (commentary on Articles 6, 17, 18, 21, 22 and 23 of the EU Directive on Electronic Commerce, edited by Alfred Büllesbach, Yves Poullet, and Corien Prins) (Kluwer 2nd edition 2010)

Articles and publications

An Analysis of International Digital and Electronic Signature Implementation Initiatives, Study prepared for the Internet Law and Policy Forum (ILPF), September 2000 [co-author: Stewart Baker] [full text]

Legal Obstacles to ADR in European Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce, BNA Electronic Commerce and Law Report, July 19, 2000, p. 773

European Standardisation and Electronic Commerce, Business Law International, January 2000, p. 102

Written Signature Requirements and Electronic Authentication: A Comparative Perspective, 1999 EDI Law Review 143 [co-author: Anja Miedbrodt] [earlier, non-published version]

The Electronic Signatures Directive and the Politics of E-Commerce in Europe, BNA Electronic Commerce and Law Reporter, December 9 1998

The Emerging European Legal Framework for Digital Signatures, BNA Electronic Commerce and Law Reporter, May 27 1998

Dispute Resolution in International Electronic Commerce, 1997 Journal of International Arbitration 5 [co-author: Michael Schneider]

Cryptography Regulation in Germany: Present and Future, 1997 Computer and Telecommunications Law Review 116

Legal Aspects of Encryption in the Internet, 1996 International Business Lawyer 186 

The New Arbitration Rules of the China International Economic Trade and Arbitration Commission, 1995 Arbitration International 183 [Co-author: Rong R. Yan] 

Securing Claims in the United States under the Uniform Commercial Code:  A Guide for Foreign Sellers and Suppliers, 22 International Business Lawyer 444-449 (1994)

German Federal Constitutional Court Judgment of the Maastricht Treaty of October 12, 1993 [translation with Dr. Gerhard Wegen], 33 International Legal Materials 388 (1994)

Book Review, Der Vertrag: wie ich über die deutsche Einheit verhandelte (by Wolfgang Schäuble), 87 American Journal of International Law 188-89 (1993)

Personal Jurisdiction Based on the Presence of Property in German Law, 5 Transnational Lawyer 691-723 (1992)

Interpretation of Multilingual Treaties:  Comparison of Texts versus the Presumption of Similar Meaning, 40 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 953-64 (1991)

Linguistic Equality in International Law:  Miscommunication in the Gulf Crisis, 2 Indiana International and Comparative Law Review 175-90 (1991)

The Public Policy Exception to the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the United States and West Germany under the New York Convention, 7 Journal of International Arbitration 71-91 (1990)

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